Portprime is a property development company well known for its local and international property finding and management, with a reputation for acting as a trusted advisor for an array of high profile and successful clients.

We partner with other international developers in London, Dubai and Europe to provide professional services to our client to ensure Maximum satisfaction and transparency both local and international real estate transactions.

Our Vision

We envision changing the face of luxury real estate and lifestyle living in Nigeria and beyond.

Our Mission

We strive to amaze and satisfy our customers’ dreams by building, finding and managing the highest quality resort, residential and commercial development.

Our Core Values

Our core values have remained constant: work collaboratively, raise the bar, do the right thing and amaze our customer

Why you should choose us

PORTPRIME Properties provide it amazing customers satisfaction – from the

  1. Selection of the very best architects, designers, contractors – to the handover of keys, PORTPRIME Properties endeavours to keep its promise to make sure every detail is flawless.
  2. To ensure developments are delivered to the highest possible standards, PORTPRIME Properties provides the right working environment for talented employees
  3. Selects only the right partners,
  4. Develops projects in prime locations,
  5. And uses the most sophisticated and best building materials.

Only by operating this way can PORTPRIME Properties guarantee a track record of delivery for customers to help realise its vision of being the leading luxury developer in Nigeria and beyond